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South Dublin County Council-CC

 BHAA & SDCC delighted with the first race of 2010


Business Houses Athletic Association (BHAA) & South Dublin County Council (SDCC) were delighted to host the first race on the 2010 BHAA race calendar.

Despite having had to be rescheduled from last Saturday due to adverse weather conditions, and the provincial Leinster cross country races on the following day, there was a fantastic turn out in both the ladies and the men’s races. 

Mick McCarten and his team did a phenomenal job, ensuring all aspects of the race were well catered for.  Speaking of catering, suffice it to say Mick must have been busy baking based on the amount of brack following the race!  The course was measured accurately, well marked and stewarded.  It proved challenging in parts, with hills and water in abundance.  The yellow BHAA jeep marked the finish line, which many were very glad to see.  SDCC Mayor Mick Duff presented some very useful prizes, 72 in all, to the prize winners.

The ladies 2 mile race was won in an impressive time by F Mahon (Primary Teacher) in a time of 12:05, followed closely by Kate O’Neill (Instant Comms) in a time of 12:13, with one of the competing twins Aoife Brady (Standard Life) third home in 12:34

There were also prizes for the veteran ladies:

0/35; L Bruton (Nurse) 14:42, 2 H Dixon (Gov Depts) 14:59;

0/40; 1 M Hanley 12:48, 2 B Stapleton 15:43;

0/45; 1 M Watters (Watters Bus Hire) 14:01, 2 M Purdue-Smyth (System Dynamics) 16:24;

0/50 1 M Greenan (HSE) 13:16, M Jennings (Secondary Teacher) 14:38;

0/60 J Comiskey (Irish Life & Permanent) 17:19;

0/70 A Woodlock 18:09;

And there were only 2 ladies teams this time round with Revenue taking the honours, with Irish Life & Permanent hot on their heels to take second place.

T Hogan (Clone Forns) claimed the honours in the men’s 4 mile race in a time of 23:34, with P O’Connell (IT Self-Employed) 23:56 having to settle for second place this time and T Hayes claiming third place in 24:02.

The veteran prizes went to the following:

0/40; 1 T McGrath 24:26, 2 J Rothwell 25:37;

0/45; 1 P Malone (Turf Club) 24:14, 2 L Kelly (Eircom) 26:08;

0/50; 1 M Francis 26:47, 2 B Tyrell 27:32;

0/55; 1 J Todd (Cadburys) 28:47, 2 V Clohisey (Social Welfare) 30:15;

0/60; 1 S Clifford (Clifford Architects) 30:25, 2 M Cooley 34:52;

0/70; 1 T Twomey (Dublin Newspapers) 33:47, 2 S Lambe (Glanbia) 40:20;

0/80; B Early 45:22;

And there were prizes for 3 teams in each of four grades for the men:

Grade A; Irish Prison Service 87; Swords Labs 142; Dublin City Council 153;

Grade B; AIB 130; Eircom 168; Gardai 226;

Grade C; DHL 293; Dublin City Council 322; Food Sector 340;

Grade D; Irish Life & Permanent 352; Fingal Co Co 362; AIB 395.