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NCF CC 31 Jan 2009

NCF CC 31 Jan 2009


The NSRT upped the ante at the end of last year, but the NCF boys went a long way to meet the challenge!

On what was a freezing cold day, with driving rain at times, a field of 229 finishers (up a whopping 21% on last year’s numbers) braved the elements to navigate their way through and over the obstacles on a slighly altered course from last years. Indeed, all races so far this year have shown double digit percentage increases; further evidence of the running boom that is afoot.  The new additions this year included some windy bends throught the trees and a slippery dip down by the river. Indeed, this is where a few runners came unstuck making for some hilarity at the post race video screening.  

The new challenges seem to be well received, with some of the more experienced runners enjoying a throw back from the past.  Please feel free to leave you comments on the forum (above) on the home page. 

The worst of the weather seems to have passed by the time of the race on Saturday.  The new location for registration seems to have worked well.  There was a very good turnout for these races.  The organisers of this race are not part of a large organisation but are two local farmers, Paul Barnwall and Matt Dwyer, who put in a huge effort to put on these races and we thank them and their colleagues for their efforts. 

There were some unfamiliar names in the men’s results.  Martin Quinn (Tesco) was a clear winner, followed by Brian Kirwan (Askea Sports) and Robbie Matthews (Wellmann).  Noel Marum (Eircom) was first M40 and Mark Leacy (Secondary Teacher) showed that he will be a force to be reckoned with following his recent induction into the M45 category. 

In the women’s race, Caitriona Jennings (PWC) was first, followed by Kate O’Neill (Instant Communications) and Louise Reilly (HSE).  Honourable mention goes to Mags Greenan (W50) who took fourth place.

Well done Paul, Matt and co for another well managed and marshalled race.  Click on "read more" for a word from the editor…

The online registration system is working well and we have had lots of renewals on the website.  Thank you all.  There is now a link from www.bhaa.ie to the registration form. 

See you next Saturday. 

The Editor