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BHAA Members Website

BHAA Members Website


The new and updated  BHAA members/results website has been launched. Its a complete re-write of the old system and has a number of new features.  Click on "read more"…


 A quick introduction of main features of the new site:
The home page
Lists the current and upcoming races.
Runner Search – Type the first three letters of an active members surname and you’ll get a list of matching names. Select a member from the list and you’ll be directed to their results page.

Runner Results Page
Has a chart of the standard and pace per km times for each race.
RacePixs365 – We have a direct link enabled to RacePixs365 with the bib number used by the runner for each event. It should cut out the hassel of "search by bib number". A big thanks to Darren Spring for his help with this.

Event/Race Results
The individual results for all races
A new chart with the total number of runners in each event
The team results are available for some races.

The winter and summer league tables will be available online. Thanks to Brendan McLoughlin for his SQL work here.

We have a table of standard times for various distances that a member can use to predict their standard. 
(It should be easy to add a standard calculator to this page).

We have a list of the sectors and the companies/teams registered within each sector. 
Each company has a individual page, with options to display the company logo, website and contact person for that company/team.
Each registered team has a specific page.
Search for a team by name.

Membership Form
We have a simple membership form that should help to register new members, the user gets an email to print,sign and bring to the next race. Payment can be made online via paypal. (Next step is a day-members pre-registration form).

Please let us know your comments via the forum or email