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User Accounts

User Accounts

One of the main aims of changing the website was to enable easier online payments for our members, so that membership renewal and registration for events could all be done and paid for via our website. Using the account will allow you to leave comments on the site and your personal details will also be pre-populated on the renewal form.

For existing or previous BHAA members we have already created a user account on your behalf but in order to access the account you need to reset your password. This post is going to explain how to do this.

The first step is to hit the Lost you Password link and enter your email address.


You should receive an email with details of your username and password. Follow the instruction in the email and reset your password.

In some cases we may not have an email or have an old email for your account. If your email is not setup on the system you’ll see the page below. If you see this page or don’t get a password reset email then you should send an email to info@bhaa.ie with your name and details and we’ll update your account with the correct email.