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Track Series 2010

Track Series 2010

Aviva, Irish Life & Permanent and Zurich are hosting a great series of Track races , in conjunction with the BHAA) during the summer. The details are attached. Please please promote the events amongst all of your staff.

The idea behind the events is to encourage people to come along and try running on a track, an experience that most either never experience or at best only sampled as a kid . The events are short, good fun and not at all serious unless you want to really race hard .All standards are welcome from the serious athlete to the joggers and walkers

The first event is the Aviva Charity Mile in Irishtown Stadium on Wed 28th July . Everyone can run ,jog, or walk a mile ( 4 laps of a 400metre track) so come along and support Aviva’s ‘ Streets to School’ charity . Bring your friends, family and kids . All entry fees will go towards helping Focus Ireland work with homeless kids getting the education that they deserve . You will be able to opt for a race that suits your own standard /ability.

August 11th is the Irish Life & Permanent sponsored 3000 metre night . This one is 7.5 laps and also in Irishtown Stadium. If you can run a mile , then another couple will be no bother to you . An open race/or races will take place for all non BHAA registered runners.

August 25th is the Zurich sponsored 2 Mile night This one is in the newly opened Tallaght AC track . It is only 200metres more than the IL&P race , so if you have done the first two , why not do all 3 and be in with a chance to win a prize reserved for those who do the 3 events … An open race/or races will take place for all non BHAA registered runners


We look forward to seeing you all at these great events in the next few weeks


Peter Vincent, Kathleen Horgan, Stephen Willoughby