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Team League Proposal

Team League Proposal

This document outlines the changes to the team league structure that was accepted at the 2012 BHAA AGM.

Pre 2012

The team league ran from January to December and involved all non-track events. At any specific event team prizes are presented in the 5 classes, A,B,C,D and W. Within each class the teams are awarded points starting at 6 and reducing by 1 for each of the subsequent positions, a team in 7th position would get 1 point. If there were multiple teams from a specific company, the best team score is used towards the league.

Some issues with the league structure were the duration of the league and the fact that it favors larger teams who are more likely to score at all events. It has been noted that smaller team seem to do well during the cross country or summer events but cannot sustain this effort over the year.

When assigning team point for a specific event, it can be the case that a company will have teams in A,B,C and D which means at the end of the year, there maybe dozens of runners who contributed on a team toward the league position.

Team League 2013

The proposal at the AGM aims to address these two issues.

The team league will be shortened by breaking the league into two, which matches the duration of the existing winter and summer individual leagues. This also allows the team league prizes to be presented at the same time as the individual leagues.

The second aspect of the change will see the use of the ‘best’ score being dropped and replaced by using the team ‘class’ to subdivide the league. Just as the individual league have divisions which group runners by standard, we will now have team league positions based on A,B,C,D and W.

The implications/side affects
+ By having a shorter league it should ensure the smaller companies and sector teams become more competitive in the league.
+ By grouping the teams based on their class, it should mean there is fairer competition between teams of the same class.
+ More leagues * More divisions = More Prizes for teams
– The fact that what defines a team in each class changes between events is a little bit tricky. A team with the same runners and standard may end up in class B or C depending on the number of teams at a specific event. With the individual league we use the average standard at the end of the league to place the runner in their correct division but i don’t think this approach will work here.

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