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Summer League 2013

Summer League 2013

Just a quick note on the BHAA Summer League 2013 which as per normally will score the best 9 of the 11 events results. The Team League will return and will now also follow the summer/winter list of events (more details will follow on this but please double check your teams).

The events are listed below. Full details on entry and locations can be found on the events page

  1. Dublin City Council Road Races
  2. K Club 10km
  3. RTE 5Mile
  4. ESB 5km Beach
  5. Government Services 5 Mile Dunboyne
  6. Trinity Track
  7. Irish Prison Service 5km Trail
  8. DCC 5km Irishtown
  9. BHAA 1 Mile Track
  10. Finding the Run of Ourselves 10K
  11. Race Series Dublin Half Marathon

The summer league table will be updated in a more timely manner.

3 Responses

  1. Ian Redican says:

    Have the Team Leagues been done away? Any idea how the various Houses ended up at the end of the Cross Country Season?

  2. John Fay says:

    Re: Trinity Races….. Distances pretty similar…..
    would not 1k and 2k have been more interesting??

  3. Michael O'Dwyer says:

    I was at the Trinty Track races yesterday evening and as always enjoyed the event. The grass track is a real pleasure to run on!

    Having said that I agree with John Fay in that the distances were pretty similiar. Personally I wouldn’t have minded an 800 metres and a mile race or as John suggested a 1k and 2k.

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