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Seeking potential race promoters

Seeking potential race promoters

Would you and your work based runners like to be a BHAA race promoter?

Invitation – seeking expressions of interest for new BHAA races

The Dublin BHAA committee invites BHAA runners from the same work team to consider setting up a new BHAA race. Race promotion and organisation is an enjoyable and challenging activity. It could be new initiative for you and your team-mates that get personal satisfaction and event skills by adding a new race to the BHAA calendar. The BHAA race committee members would be pleased to discuss further with you.


If you want to give it a try, the minimum requirements are:

  • Enthusiasm for BHAA and appreciation of its role in corporate races in the Dublin region.
  • Venue to include course, accommodation for race registration, refreshments and prizes presentation.
  • About 3-5 people to act as race committee and about 10-15 people to assist on race day.
  • Fit into BHAA calendar and avoid clashes with major alternative race attractions.
  • Availability of sufficient funds to cover the up-front race costs (expectation is to financially break-even or even raise some funds for your work running club or other suitable group)
  • ‘There is no issue with two groups coming together to organise a race:

It would be great and a welcome to have new races added to our calendar.

BHAA support for new promoters

The BHAA committee and its members can assist new races by:

  • Providing advice and knowledge on the finances, course set up, race promotion, event and safety management, prizes and other requirements
  • BHAA web site to highlight the race and Facebook to attract potential runners
  • Use its network to link new race promoters with other BHAA promoters for advice
  • On-line pre-race registration
  • Two meetings hosted by BHAA per year for race promoters to discuss mutual matters and provide feedback to BHAA committee.
  • Why not inquire?
  • At the next BHAA race, you can make inquiries with a BHAA race committee person or e-mail info@bhaa.ie

Paul O Connell, Chairperson,
Dublin BHAA