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New Irish Online Running Magazine Launched

New Irish Online Running Magazine Launched

A new monthly athletics e-zine has just been launched to provide runners all over Ireland with information about the sport they love – and it is be absolutely free of charge

Runners – speedsters and the more leisurely-paced – can sign up for the e-zine by logging onto www.rundirectireland.com, where they can enter their name and email address. Each month, the e-zine will be emailed to subscribers, but in such a way that it won’t clog up their Inboxes.

They can then read it on their personal computer, or print off and peruse by more traditional means.

“There is no catch here. The e-zine is free. It has reports, features, photographs, and many other items relating to running in Ireland. We want people to subscribe now by emailing us, and to tell their athlete friends about it,” said Mark.

also you wil find a good feature and plenty of pics for BHAA members