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NCF 5.2K race report

NCF 5.2K race report

Cross County Light(not)

The last race of the winter league in Malahide Rugby Club is notable in many ways, being a floodlit, cross country challenge makes it ever more memorable. It was muddy as expected after a days downpour on Tuesday, spikes and fairly long ones were the footwear of choice. 

A few brave souls turned out in standard trainers and the hills together with some tight corners made the course a bit trickier for them. Temperatures were between 5 and 7 degrees with a mild enough breeze for a location so near the sea. 

The starting lap around the pitch which adds the extra 0.2 km was as per usual a giddy one with everyone struggling a little for space and trying to find their pace but it served its purpose and broke up the field. Three laps of the outer course followed, with some energy sapping dips followed by hills that became increasingly steeper.

Peter O’Sullivan(Eircom) who was flying out somewhere warmer the following morning, won the race, Chris Muldoon(Swords Labs) and Karl Fitzmaurice(Revenue) were second and third. The top three women were Dervila Holmes, Vanessa Sallier(Mercer) and Orla Gormley(Aer Lingus). There were issues on the evening with the timing chips and these are being addressed. A fine spread for afters with a plethora of elaborate sandwiches and hot beverages made the running endeavours a little more worthwhile. 

Well done to Paul Barnwell, the North County Farmers, the BHAA and all who turned up on a night when sitting by the fire in front of the TV was a serious temptation. Hide the spikes under the stairs.

We hope to see you all out for the summer season which starts in St.Anne’s Park, Raheny and the Dublin City Council race on Saturday 6th.