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BHAA News NCF Results

BHAA News NCF Results


I think the consensus was that Saturday’s races at Swords were very enjoyable.  The weather was quite cold but not as bad as it might have been although maybe not so pleasant for any spectators who were not well wrapped up.  The organisation was top-class and it was clear that Paul Barnwall, Matt Dwyer and their small group of local farmers from the area had put a lot of effort into the event, which was reflected in the number of happy runners afterwards.  The course was well laid out and stewarded and there were three sets of bales of straw this year to introduce some varienty and break our rhythm. 

Hello all,

Apologies for the slow results this week – a student at home just had to complete work on the internet when I needed the computer.  
More pictures on http://www.flickr.com/photos/lindie/sets/72157603840693517/  (with thanks to Lindie Naughton)

In addition to Paul, Matt and colleagues, Paul’s mother and sister, Mary, assisted with the refreshments afterwards and we are very grateful to all of them for their efforts. 

The proportion of day members in each race is decreasing each time as there is a strong incentive to register as a member.  The results are accordingly emerging a bit quicker as a result.  Note that you do not have to be proposed and seconded by existing members – the BHAA is a very open organisation and anyone who is eligible to join can sign up at any race. 

The women’s race on Saturday was notable for the quality and numbers in the field – there were 56 finishers there, as well as three women in the longer race, a great turnout.  You will see in the results that there were only short gaps between the finishers right down through the field.  Susan Byrne (Colt) was followed home by Fiona Mahon (Primary Teacher) and Elaine Caul (Dept of Foreign Affairs). 

In the men’s race, Michael MacDiarmada (Designer) won comfortably, with David Byrne and David Carrie (An Post) behind him.  The results are now attached.

There are photos at the following links:

https://bhaa.ie/mediagallery/album.php?aid=32&page=1 (with thanks to Peig Henry and assistant Oisín and Bernadette Furley of Tallaght AC)

http://www.flickr.com/photos/lindie/sets/72157603840693517/  (with thanks to Lindie Naughton)

Having helped to re-unite a couple of sets of running gear with their owners recently, yours truly, as well as two other airheads, left a pair of running shoes behind on Saturday.  I (and the others, I am sure) am grateful to Paul Barnwall for keeping this stuff safely.  If you ever forget to bring something home with you, either let me know or put a comment on the website at www.bhaa.ie and we will try to keep you kitted out properly. 

The next races are the Aer Lingus cross-country races at ALSAA, beside the airport, on Saturday 16 February 2008 at 11.30.  More details later. 

Incidentally, North County Farmers will be putting on another race for us later in March – a floodlit 5km cross-country race on Wednesday 26 March 2008, which should be a very interesting event. 

Bye for now.

The Editor