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BHAA News- Aer Lingus cross-country

BHAA News- Aer Lingus cross-country

Hello all,

There was a great turnout at ALSAA for the Aer Lingus cross-country races on Saturday last. 

Our thanks to Gerry Martin, Eugene Foley and colleagues for their hard work. 

In the men’s race, Colm Turner (Spar) won comfortably, with Michael Freeley (Trinity College) behind him and Ronan Kearns (Dept of Enterprise) just edged out Brian Leahy of Conduit for third.  In the women’s race, Rosemary Ryan (My Gym) won with Fiona Mahon (Teachers) in second and
Kate O’Neill (Instant Communications) in third.  There were also some women runners in the longer race.  Congratulations to Adrienne Jordan (Teachers) on doing very well in that.  The results are now attached.

There are photos at the following link:
https://bhaa.ie/mediagallery/album.php?aid=33&page=1 (with thanks to Peig Henry).  Note that there are no photos of the women’s race as Peig was running in this.  A volunteer to step in for Peig on these occasions would be welcome.  Let me know if this is something you could help with. 

The next race will be the Garda cross-country race in the Phoenix Park next Saturday 23 February 2008 at 11.30.  The race calendar refers to a combined start and a race distance of 4 miles.  Registration at the Garda Boat Club along the river in Islandbridge.  Note that the race was held last year near the Magazine Fort which is a bit of a run from the Boat Club so you should allow plenty of time to get to the start.  In addition, cars are not allowed to go in the Islandbridge gate of the Park so there is also a rather circuitous route for anyone driving to the start from registration. 

Before the results of the Garda race are announced, the prizes for the two most recent leagues (Winter 2006-07 and Summer 2007) will be presented (first three people in each category).  These are in the 2007 results page on the website www.bhaa.ie.  Declan Horgan has already contacted as many prizewinners as possible about this. 

Finally, the BHAA committee agreed recently to put in place a mechanism for providing feedback to race promoters on their races in order to help them to maintain high standards.  If you have comments, please send them to me after a race and I will forward them to the relevant committee member for collation. 

See you next Saturday.

Bye for now.

The Editor