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BHAA 2013

BHAA 2013

Quality races for everyone on the road, cross country, beach and track

Once again, the Business Houses Athletics Association (BHAA) offers a wonderful variety of quality races for all runners inclusive of all standards, ages, and gender. BHAA is unique among Irish race series in terms of the diversity of race type and low entry costs. In addition to road races, there is standard cross country, floodlight cross country, plus track and grass meetings.

Their calendar starts with cross country races in January with cross country races in Tymon Park, South Dublin County Council, and other cross countries in February and March include the locations in the Phoenix Park, Balheary Swords, Maynooth College and ALSAA near Dublin airport. It also has the only flood light cross country race in the country at Malahide, Rugby club hosted by North County Farmers.

The Spring ushers in road races in St Ann’s park, RTE Dunboyne and other exotic places. In the summer there is the historic grass meet in Trinity College, a beach race in Sandymount, and a mix of track races in Irishtown Stadium and Tallaght AC. The autumn has more road races, another beach race in Dollymount and several cross country races and finally a December race in Marley park brings its tapestry of race types to completion.

All the races have variety across individual categories of age, gender and standards. There are also team prizes based on employer. There is always music and a commentary for each race. Another distinctive and enjoyable socia aspect is the tea, coffee and refreshments are offered to all.

Entry to individual races is € 15 while its € 10 for members and one can register for € 15 for the year. So beat that for value for money.

All the races are professionally organised by volunteers . They are a testimony to the volunteer ethos of the race promoters under the stewardship of its committee. The races start on time, courses are accurately measured, chip and pin technology and results on line. There is always a friendly atmosphere.

BHAA website BHAA.ie has all the details. it is an impressive site with rich functionality and features such as race photos and chat. Check it out and see its calendar.

Jim Kelly

BHAA President