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Rules of the Business Houses Athletic Association

  1. The Association will be known as the Business Houses Athletic Association (Cumann Luthcleas Na Gnolochtai) herein after referred to as the BHAA.
  2. The object of the BHAA shall be to promote and encourage inter-firm athletic events.
  3. The BHAA year will correspond to the calendar year.
  4. The Annual General Meeting shall be held not earlier than November 1st and not later than December 15th.
  5. The Dublin Committee of the BHAA shall consist of a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer,  Registrar and Web-Master and up to ten other members. All members of this committee must be members of the association and be elected at the AGM.
    1. The Presidents position shall be an honorary position nominated by the committee or members at the AGM.
  6. The Executive of the BHAA shall consist of the President of the Association plus the Chairman, Treasurer and the three Officers of the Dublin Committee and regional representatives as defined in Rule 8. The Chairperson will chair the executive meetings.
    1. Any change in fees to be made through the Executive.
  7. The accounts of the Dublin Regional Committee shall be audited by two honorary auditors who will be appointed at the Annual General Meeting. These auditors shall not be members of the committee.
  8. The BHAA Executive may appoint Regional Committees. Each Regional Committee will appoint a Regional Representative to the Executive.
  9. A firm shall be defined as a “Place of Employment”.
  10. In the case of some of the larger firms it may be necessary to regulate them into areas, districts, sections, etc. This regulation shall be at the discretion of the Regional Committee.
  11. Every athlete representing a firm must be registered with the BHAA and may only compete for the firm for which they are registered.
    1. An athlete representing a firm must be a current employee of that firm. Registered members who lose their employment as a result of redundancy may, at the discretion of their regional committee continue to compete for their places of employment for the duration of the annual registered period provided that they have been employed for a period of not less than six months. On securing new employment, the member loses the above entitlement
    2. Athletes being over 50 years of age and retiring from employment are deemed eligible to run for the firm for which they are registered provided that they do not take up employment and are in receipt of a pension from that company.
  12. A regional committee of the BHAA may refuse affiliation or registration as it sees fit and need not disclose its reasons for doing so. Any appeals may be referred to the Executive.
  13. A team shall be defined as “three or more persons” for the purposes of registration. Each team must nominate one person who will act as a liason with the committee for the year.
  14. A regional committee of the BHAA shall be empowered to promote athletic events and devise methods of team scoring.
  15. Each team representing a firm shall be graded according to ability into different categories.
  16. An affiliated firm promoting an event must get sanction and clearance from their regional committee to promote the event under the auspices of the BHAA.
  17. The promoter, having complied with Rule 16, must notify the entrants that the event is being held under the auspices of the BHAA and that they are bound by the rules of the BHAA.
  18. The promoter of an event must cater for each category as specified by their regional committees, not withstanding the number of team prizes. Any track and field meeting or Business Houses Challenge is exempt from this rule.
  19. An athlete is affiliated to the BHAA on submission to their regional committee of a completed annual registration/affiliation form with the appropriate annual registration fee by the team secretary.
    1. A temporary membership shall be available on race day at all BHAA races.
    2. Temporary membership will only be available for one day. People availing of temporary membership are eligible to win individual prizes.
  20. Events under the auspices of the BHAA shall be confined to firms affiliated to the BHAA for the year in which the event takes place.
  21. Each regional committee shall have full responsibility for all matters relating to grading.
  22. The registrar or his/her appointees must carry out verification of affiliation and registration before the promoter declares results.
  23. Any firm transgressing the rules of the BHAA with regard to affiliation and registration shall be suspended from competition for a minimum period of three months.
  24. Any individual found bringing the BHAA into disrepute shall be liable to suspension at the discretion of the Executive.
  25. The decision of the BHAA Executive shall be final on any matter in relation to disputes and irregularities in events under the auspices of the BHAA.
  26. That all registrations are made by 31st January for that year. Registration after that date will not be eligible for team prizes until processed and graded.
  27. The BHAA clock and gantry with BHAA accreditation may at the discretion of the regional committee be used at events outside the BHAA calendar of events where such events do not conflict with existing BHAA events. Such use must be covered by organiser’s insurance. Fees are at the discretion of the regional committees.
  28. The final interpretation of all foregoing rules shall be that of the BHAA Executive.
  29. The wearing of headphones is forbidden at all BHAA events.

The BHAA Executive Committee will have the final say on whether a race event is suitable for race competitors.

Fees:       Annual Registration €15, Race Entry Fee €10, O/65 Membership €1, Day Membership including Race Entry €15   01/01/2013