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This a cheat sheet guide to setting and using the RaceTimer application to record race times and positions.

  • Hit Enter to record a time
  • Use S to save times to file

Create a Race File

Use the Save Time File As feature for each race. We suggest a folder / file naming convention of C:\BHAA\<year>\<event>\<race> as in C:\BHAA\2018\garda2018\women.csv











Start / Restart the Clock

Once the race is started we set the clock to the current race time. Set the time to say 5min or 10min and then hit enter once it matches the race clock.











Edit Times and Bibs

At the end of the race, use this feature to cross reference the details with the paper records.











In most cases you’ll be adding a missing race number to a time. In some cases the order of the race numbers has changed. You may need to add/edit/delete a time to ensure a match.