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At registration we use a web based tool to record runner details for the event. It records details of all runners, their race number, event and monies paid.

There are five main sections to page, with colour coded tabs for each

  1. register: This page is used for existing and previous members.
  2. new/day members : For a new or day member for whom we have no details they are entered here. Race and number are selected here as well
  3. pre-reg: Runners who have used the online payment system are listed and just need an number assigned
  4. list: Shows the current entry list
  5. export : Dumps the details into a csv file for importing into RaceTec


We recommend that each race has three desks with two people per desk. Two desks will handle the BHAA members and the final desk will handle New Members and Preregistered runners. One person will use the laptop computer details to enter details and the second person will record minimal details on the provided template.


These pages are important since they allow use to reconcile the figures and numbers at the end of the race.


This page is used for all existing and past members. The search box allows the user to lookup a runner by name or BHAA ID. Once the runner is selected, their details will prepopulate the form. The user must enter the race number, the event and the money received. Hit the Register button and record on the paper sheet.

memberIn most cases, an existing member will be paying 10e. If a member has not renewed their membership, they can for 25e or else they must be entered as paying 15e.

New Member

All new members and day runners are entered here. The runner should have completed a paper membership form or half page day members form.  We only need to record the firstname, lastname, gender and date of birth for the runner. Note the date of birth must be in format YYYY-MM-DD, ie 1980-11-15. Again the race number, event and money recieved is selected and the Register button selected



Any runner who had pre-registered and paid online will appear on this page. The system already has their details so only the race number is entered, and the Green Button with their name is Submitted.



This page shows the current entry list.


This page generates a CSV file with details of the entered runners which we use for our Race Timing System.

User Assess and Logging In

Access the application is controlled via wordpress user accounts. BHAA committee members will log users into the system on the morning of the event

  • http://bhaaie/wp-login


The web page can be found at this URL

  • http://bhaaie/raceday-register


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