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National School for Remedial Therapy CC 13 Dec 08

National School for Remedial Therapy CC 13 Dec 08

A picture says a thousand words…
It was cold and muddy with lots of water on the course. They said it was the toughest cross-country race in Ireland and I think it was. Yet, strangely, I think that everyone who ran on Saturday enjoyed the whole event.
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Photo by Lindie

The organisation was outstanding. There were signs on poles at all approaches so it was easy to get to. There were lots of stewards andother support people. We even had the army to help us out of the river. The course itself was marked by tapes almost the whole way around. It was clear that the organisers, Austin Mooney and Dave Corcoran, had put a huge amount of effort into the event. It was a bit disappointing for them to have a low turnout, explained by other priorities – office parties, shopping, easy road races etc. Nevertheless, I think it will be a strong contender for race of the year at next year’s AGM.

Those who were present also had a very enjoyable showing of the race video afterwards. This included the runners (men’s race) traversing the stream on their first lap of three. There were cheers and jeers for falls, splashes and refusals. I will investigate whether it would be possible to put it up on YouTube, it deserves a wider audience.

So, congratulations to Kate O’Neill (Instant Communications), Donna Mahon (SIAC Construction) and Fiona Reid (Secondary Teachers) who took the top places in the women’s race and to Bernard Roe (Gerard Labs), Mark Hoey (Grassroots Landscaping) and Thomas Cotter who took the top places in the men’s race. Indeed, great credit is due to all who
completed the course, I know it wasn’t easy.

Results are attached and there are some good photos (thanks to Peig Dunne, Carol McCabe and Lindie Naughton) on the website at:


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