Welcome to the home of the Business Houses Athletic Association



– A company team can have as multiple runners and there is no upper limit.
– If there are say 9 runners at an event, this will make up three teams on the day
– We suggest a minimum of four runners should be registered before the team is activated.


– For people working in smaller companies with no other runners there is the option to form a sector team.
– There is a limit of 6 runners on a sector team.
– All the runners should be employed by companies working in the same sector.
– A runner cannot switch between teams during the year.
– This allows teachers, nurses and tradesmen to form teams


– There are 15 team prizes at each event in 5 divisions.
– We group the three runner by their position.
– We then sum their standard and this allows use to break mutliple teams in divisions A,B,C,D.
– Within each division we then order by the total positions to determine the final order.