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Trinity Track 2018

ExpiredTrinity Track 2018

  • June 13, 2018
    19:00 - 21:00

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Wednesday 13th June, 2018

Registration from 6.15 p.m. Moyne Institute, College Park

Start of Races at 7.00 p.m. Prompt

To mark the 30th BHAA Trinity Track Meeting, the two distances chosen are 800 m and 1 mile. Ronnie Delany set three Irish 880 yds records in College Park (twice in 1954, once in 1955) and his first Irish 1-mile record (in his first ever mile race) in College Park (4:05.8 in August 1955). The late Sir Roger Bannister also ran the half-mile in College Park in 1949 and the mile in 1951 (4:17.0). To mark the 30th meeting, it seems appropriate that BHAA athletes should “run with the greats” in a venue both graced.

Time Race* Time Race*
7.00 Women 800m † Std 14-30 8.00 Women 1 mile Std 14-30
7.07 Women 800m  Std 1-13 8.08 Women 1 mile Std 1-13
7.13 Men 800m Std 22-30 8.16 Men 1 mile Std 22-30
7.19 Men 800m Std 17-21 8.24 Men 1 mile Std 17-21
7.25 Men 800m Std 14-16 8.32 Men 1 mile Std 14-16
7.31 Men 800m Std 12-13 8.38 Men 1 mile Std 12-13
7.37 Men 800m Std 10-11 8.42 Men 1 mile Std 10-11
7.43 Men 800m Std 8-9 8.48 Men 1 mile Std 8-9
7.49 Men 800m Std 6-7 8.54 Men 1 mile Std 6-7
7.55 Men 800m Std 1-5 9.00 Men 1 mile Std 1-5


*   NB: If a small number of runners is entered in any standard range category, races may be combined, but athletes will still score separately within the designated Std ranges


‡  For Women: Std ranges for prizes are initially set at Women Std 1–13 and Women Std 14-30 but may be revised depending on entries; For Men: for three individual prizes to be awarded per Standard range there must be 10 athletes in the Std range; where a Std range has less than 10 athletes, two prizes will be given where there are 6–9 athletes and one prize where there are 5 or less athletes; If a particular Std range has a large number of entries, additional prizes may be awarded by splitting it further.



The entry fee covers competing in both events if athletes so wish – 800 m and 1 mile: Both events are open to BHAA-registered athletes. If Std Range races are combined because of low numbers, athletes will still score separately within the declared Std Ranges. These events also count towards the Team Challenge (see below). Entry fee for BHAA members is €10 (Non-BHAA Day Members on-line €15; Race entry for Non-BHAA members on day €20). Annual membership of the BHAA is €15.00. Individual prizes for the first THREE athletes in each declared Std range, subject to the numbers criteria stated on the timetable above. Although an individual athlete can compete in both events, he or she can not win an individual prize in more than one event  (prize given on basis of best placing in either the 800 m or 1 mile).  Events will run in the order 800 m and 1 mile starting in each case with Women and then Men – high number standards downwards to low number standards.


Contact for questions

Cyril Smyth by phone 087-2245850 or by email (csmyth@tcd.ie)

Regulations for Team Challenge

Teams comprise athletes registered for individual races – 800 m and 1 Mile. Teams must consist of three individual athletes for Men and Women.  One athlete is declared for the 800 m and 2 for the 1 mile.  Team grades per BHAA grading system and rules.  Team scores are worked out by totalling the athletes’ times in their respective races. Final declaration of teams and competitors on the evening by 7.00 p.m. Every attempt will be made to accommodate late comers if at all possible, but events must go on time.  Please be in the start area in time for your race. First TWO teams of three athletes in each grade will win prizes. More than one team may be entered per Business House Grade but teams must be declared as “A” and “B” before events commence. To increase team participation, one woman may be included on a Men’s team where this is necessary to make up a team. There is no additional cost for team entries – this is covered by the individual entries for each athlete.


Team Events

For Men:      1 x 800 m & 2 x 1 mile

For Women: 1 x 800 m  & 2 x 1 mile



Scored on basis of combined times for three athletes

Scored on basis of combined times for three athletes

Team Grades based on BHAA standards

A: 3-28; B: 29-38; C: 39-45; D: 46 & higher (For three competitors)


Registration:  At the Moyne Institute on College Park.


Team Trophies


The Optimeyes “Trinity 400” trophy is presented to the most competitive men’s team on total time for the three team athletes divided by the team grade score [Won by Marino Institute of Education in 2017 – Please bring to competition].  Incomplete teams are ineligible for the Optimeyes  trophy.  The St Patrick’s Chalice Women’s Team Trophy is awarded to the winning Women’s team – not presented in 2016 or 2017 (no teams), chalice may still be in the possession of Bank of Ireland from 2015?





Regrettably VISITOR PARKING is NOT available in Trinity College.


Trinity College, Dublin


Trinity Track