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South Dublin County Council 2013

InactiveSouth Dublin County Council 2013

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Mick McCartan and the race organisers from South Dublin County Council host the first of the bhaa cross country races of 2013 in Tymon Park on Saturday January 5th 2013. The first race at 12.00 is for Ladies and is over a distance of 2 miles. The second race starts at 12.30 and it 4 miles and it open to all genders.

[gview file=”https://bhaa.ie/documents/2013/sdcc2013/ladies.PDF” width=”100%” save=”0″ cache=”0″]

[gview file=”https://bhaa.ie/documents/2013/sdcc2013/mens.PDF” width=”100%” save=”0″ cache=”0″]

SDCC Course Outline

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  1. webmaster says:

    Registration for Day Memberships for the SDCC race is now open.

  2. Paul O'Connell says:

    Right – Registration will be open from 10.30 on Saturday. We’ll be taking renewals and memberships on the day. We’re still waiting for our registrar to return from his elves IT support / christmas drinking session to fix the date picker issue and registration form. Normal service should/will resume soon

  3. Stephen Downey says:

    What are the standards are for the Race today?


  4. Paul O'Connell says:

    Provisional Results



    The real table and team results will be added tomorrow

  5. AJ Cotter says:

    Fantastic race in super conditions to start 2013, you could have run in your slippers(some of us felt we were)! Well done Mick McCartan, everyone at South Dublin County Council, the BHAA gang & all who ran or cheered today. We may have to ship in bulk tankers filled with fresh muck to make the Eircom race on the 19th of this month a tougher challenge.

  6. Conor Kenny says:

    Great start to 2013 XC races.Well done to Sean O’Byrne (Sportsworld) from SDCC and his fellow shipmates. Also, continued thanks to Susan ‘The Voice’ of the BHAA for calmly making us believe we were just about to gently tip toe around a lap of soft, deep pile boggy earth. To Paul O’Connell whose work rate is no less now that he has relinquished his Chairman’s Chain.
    However, I really want to say a very special ‘3 Cheers and Thank You’ to those really kind and unsung heroes – the photographers. Paddy Parrott, Kevin Maguire, Peter Mooney and Rory Mooney and more.
    I know many of us sneak on to our PC’s to quietly check out Flickr and Racepix to see if we were immortalised on screen. Often, we are and often, we don’t get the chance to say ‘Thank You’ to these evergreen, unselfish and hardy Folk. But, we are grateful and, on behalf of runners everywhere, you may never know it but you made many of us look good – Thank You.

  7. Michael Devine says:

    Are the Team Results available yet?

  8. David Gargan says:

    Better clean my spikes for Saturday

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