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KClub 2013

InactiveKClub 2013

There are no upcoming dates for this event.

10km at the K-Club

A course map to give you an idea


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  1. Paul O'Connell says:

    Online registration is now open for all day members

  2. Katie Fitzgerald says:

    Hi can I payonline also or do I pay on the day? I cant seem to find the payment section


  3. Paul O'Connell says:

    Hey Katie,

    You can find the registration form on the Register tab. fill in your details and then hit the “Realex Payments” image.


  4. Willie Brazil says:

    Does anyone know if it’s much of a walk from the 120 bus stop in straffan to the k club?

  5. Susan Walsh says:

    Gerry and his gang seriously out did any catering I’ve ever seen at a race, amazing spread afterwards and I do hope everyone appreciated how amazing it was. And as for the race, well that was excellent too!!!! Well done all.

  6. catherine mitchell says:

    I can’t seem the get the k club results to show up on my phone. All other race results are showing up. Does anyone know why.

  7. Sorcha Bowler says:

    Hi Catherine. The K Club results aren’t up yet, it’s not just your phone :). They should be up soon.

  8. AJ Cotter says:

    Wildly positive feedback from BHAA & other runners on the K Club race, well done Gerry et al plus this organisation for what seems to have been a spectacular day.

  9. BHAA Registrar says:

    Results will be posted here shortly.

  10. Paul O'Connell says:

    I’ve posted a pdf version of the results from saturday – see the Detail tabs for the moment. Need to fill in some Unknowns and the full results will be posted tuesday evening. Day members for RTE need to register online by 2pm on Friday.

  11. Terry Meyler says:

    Where is the pdf link?

  12. Willie Brazil says:


  13. Brian Lamon says:

    When will the results be up..

  14. Willie Brazil says:

    I was able to view the results on a laptop but not on my phone or tablet,no team results as of yet..

  15. Robert Cross says:

    Thanks again BHAA for another great race. 🙂
    On a side matter, I just noticed that my result is missing for some reason, I finished in 8th place plus my Dublin City Marathon 2012 is also missing. It might be some sort IT glitch but I just said I let you know. Rob

  16. Paul O'Connell says:

    Humm – i’ll reload the kclub results again after the RTE race this weekend to correct a few issues with mismatches

  17. Robert Cross says:

    Thanks Paul..BTW I think I was given the wrong number at the start because I was wearing 1997.

  18. Web Master says:

    webmaster basically lost a week somewhere and had expected to get the K-club results sorted prior to the ESB race next tuesday but it’ll be next week before the results are completed.

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