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Irish Prison Service 2013

InactiveIrish Prison Service 2013

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Irish Prison Service 2013bhaa_ips_2013

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  1. AJ Cotter says:

    It’s good to get off the all too familiar Phoenix tarmac for a trail race in the wilds of the Park. No worries about passing traffic or cyclists though grass, tree roots and low hanging branches present their own challenges. It’s a 5k two loop, combined race, won last year by Noel Carroll (now there’s a name from the past) with Stephen Moore & Patrick Malone second and third. Irene Gorman was the first woman home in 2012, followed by Niamh Fitzgerald & Caitriona Higgins. This Irish Prison Service race has great afters in HQ, the Defence Forces GAA grounds. We would encourage all to register in advance if possible, the race starts at 8.

  2. AJ Cotter says:

    The weather forecast is great for tomorrow evening, so you won’t have any slippy terrain or muck to contend with. It’s a beautiful course with just one “dip & climb” which you do twice. Go on, get off the hard stuff for one of the best 5k runs of the year, avail of the trail!

  3. Paul O'Connell says:

    Results online

  4. AJ Cotter says:

    Well done Bernard Quinn, the Irish Prison Service & the BHAA for an enjoyable & memorable race last night in a balmy Phoenix Park.

  5. Paddy Parrott says:

    great race last night was out on the course this evening and found the 1st k marker still there i have it now will give it back for 10 summer league points

  6. AJ Cotter says:

    Paddy, that sign is of enormous sentimental value & could well be worth 100 summer league points, you may have won the league! Thanks.

  7. Bernard Quinn says:

    Bernard Quinn

  8. Bernard Quinn says:

    Bernard Quinn
    Thank you to all who took part in the Trail Race and to those who helped on the night. Thanks Paddy for the 1k marker and well don in Kilcock.
    I have some prizes yet to be collected.:-
    Mick Ferry 2nd/65
    Thomas Mahony 3rd /40
    Stephen Moore 3rd Man
    Shell 2nd Team grade D
    Grainne Coogan 3rd Lady o/45
    Mairead Mulligan 1st Lady o/35

    They will be available for collection at next BHAA event or contact me at 0876449823


  9. AJ Cotter says:

    This is our only trail race & a welcome change from the all too familiar tarmac at this time of year. It was another balmy evening and wind wasn’t a factor, so PBs were there for the taking. Though I was present, I didn’t see everything as my glasses got stuck in some low lying branches(some might say my forehead is too high) & have since been binned. It’s a relatively flat course with the biggest problems posed by tree roots on the grassy route parallel to Chesterfield Avenue & one serious “dip & climb” when you come out of the trees at the other side of the course but never as easy as it seems, especially on the second lap. Cillian O’Leary was first home of the 244 runners followed by Kevin English & Stephen Moore, while Mary Finn, Shirley Mitchell & Edel Madigan were the top three women over the line. Well done to the Irish Prison Service/BHAA for a great night. The next Summer League challenge is the Dublin City Council 5k starting & finishing in the Irishtown track on Wednesday 17th, in the interim, have fun in the sun.

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