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Garda 2014

InactiveGarda 2014

There are no upcoming dates for this event.

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Ladies 2 miles starting at 11.00

Men 4 miles starting at 11.30

Registration and changing at Garda Boat club, Islandbridge.

Allow approx 20 minutes to run from registration to the start of the race.




6 Responses

  1. Web Master says:

    The Gardai have submitted their race poster for 2014

  2. gracenimhurchu says:

    I’d like to run the 4 miler, despite my unfortunate gender handicap. I do hope there isn’t an issue with this.

  3. Brendan Hogan says:

    All runners, male and female, are welcome to run in the longer race (generally referred to as the “men’s race”. We usually have a small number of women who run the longer race, so you probably won’t be alone. The only potential drawback from your point of view is that we don’t have women’s prizes in this race which could mean that you might miss an opportunity in the women’s race. On the other hand, if you form a team (of three) with work colleagues, you might make it into the team prizes. (I won’t make any comment on your “unfortunate gender handicap” other than to say that the BHAA is an organisation which has always had equality.) We hope to welcome you to the race on Saturday.

  4. Grace Murphy says:

    Thanks for that comprehensive reply Brendan. I was taken aback by the appearance of separate mens and womens races, in Cork there’s just one race for everyone (although there’s only one XC on the calendar). I thoroughly enjoyed my first ‘Dublin’ BHAA race today, it was fantastically organised. Now to start scrubbing my runners…

  5. Web Master says:

    Garda results are online now


  6. Ian Redican says:

    2 items of clothing left behind at the Garda race on Saturday. If you’re missing something email gardaathletic@gmail.com & I’ll check if it matches what we have.

    Thanks to everyone who turned out. As usual you all made it a great race.

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