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Dublin Half 2013

InactiveDublin Half 2013

There are no upcoming dates for this event.

Dublin Half 2013

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  1. Web Master says:

    First cut of the Dublin Half results are available now. This only matches runners who gave their BHAA ID on the entry and their name matches. Please email your name, BHAA ID, race time and company to info @ bhaa ie and we’ll add you to the results.

  2. Paul O'Connell says:

    Final call for Half Marathon results to be submitted. Can team secretaries or runners please submit their details in this format

    postion, bhaa id, time(HH:MM:SS), name


    as a comment or via email to info@bhaa.ie.

    Only details submitted before Dec1st will be included.


  3. Web Master says:

    The half marathon team results have been updated. Let us know if you think a team is missing.

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