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DCC 5k 2016

InactiveDCC 5k 2016

There are no upcoming dates for this event.

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  1. webmaster says:

    Results are online now @ https://bhaa.ie/events/dcc-5k-2016

  2. Paddy Moran says:

    Hi, I’m pointing out an issue with last night’s results. “Cahill Mc Hale” who is recorded as a Day Runner is “Cathal McHale”, BHAA ID 28093, registered with Bank of Ireland. When Cathal registered for the race he was assured that he would be found on the system.

    Please amend the name on last night’s results to show “Cathal”. In this way he will be linked to Bank of Ireland. It also means that the team results will change but we do not expect any retrospective changes to prizes awarded.

    Regards, Paddy Moran (BoI Running Club)

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