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DCC 5k 2014

InactiveDCC 5k 2014

There are no upcoming dates for this event.

Combined evening 5k park race starting at 7.30 p.m.
The race starts and finishes on a tartan track in Irishtown Stadium and uses a combination of paths and track in Ringsend Park.
Registration and changing is in Irishtown Stadium which is close to Sean Moore Rd and East Link Bridge.
jim.kelly@dublincity.ie Mobile 0868150896
coilin.oreilly@dublincity.ie Mobile 0863835019

7 Responses

  1. Web Master says:

    Race results are online now.

  2. Web Master says:

    Race results are online now.

  3. Paddy Moran says:

    Hi, when will the team results for the DCC 5k be posted online? Bank of Ireland won four of the team prizes but we’re not sure which categories or which runners and hence can’t allocate the prizes. Thanks, Paddy

  4. Paddy Moran says:

    Hi, the league points don’t seem to have been allocated correctly from the DCC 5k. Please review. Thanks, Paddy

  5. Web Master says:

    Paddy – Team results are up now. The leagues don’t get updated until a day or two before the next race, this gives us a window to fix up the results of the last race and proceed with correct data.

  6. Tom Meade says:

    The teams in Category D are messed up. Hugh Reddy is shown on Revenue’s Team, a lady from Bank of Ireland is listed on the 2nd Garda team.

  7. Paddy Moran says:

    Hi Paul, thanks for updating the team results. Paddy

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