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Bank of Ireland 2013

InactiveBank of Ireland 2013

There are no upcoming dates for this event.

Bank of Ireland cross country on Saturday November 9th at ALSAA Complex on the Old Airport Road.  The race will have a combined 11.30am start with the women doing 2 miles and the men 4 miles.  Registration will be open from 9.30am in the main building.  There is plenty of car parking, but please note that the entry to the ALSAA compex has moved.  Entry is now further up the road (nearer the airport) beside the entry to the long term car park.  There is also no right turn if travelling north along the Old Airport Road.  Please go up to the airport roundabout and turn around or alternatively, come in from the M1 side.


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  1. Jacqui Boyle says:

    Just to let you know that I came in 6th in the ladies but there,s a guys name in my place. There was a problem when I was registering yesterday as they couldnt find my details as a member. I was put in with the day members. My ID number is 5654.
    Jacqui Boyle

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