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BHAA Membership Renewal 2018

Dear [bhaa_runner_name],

Thank you for renewing your BHAA membership which will now last until January 2019.

Name [bhaa_runner_name]

BHAA ID [bhaa_runner_id]

Status [bhaa_runner_status]

Standard [bhaa_runner_standard]

Company [bhaa_runner_company_name]

  • Please remember you BHAA ID when you register at races, since this is the ensure your result is matched to your name.
  • You are now entitled to run all BHAA events for an entry of 10e.
  • Your race results will be counted towards the BHAA league.
  • You can run with your company or sector team.
  • You can login into the BHAA website to leave comments and pre-pay for upcoming events.


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