Welcome to the home of the Business Houses Athletic Association


The BHAA committee is elected each year at the AGM. This page details the Officer Committee Roles and the responsibilities that the person in that role is expected to carry out during the year. It also lists the Ordinary and non-committee based roles that are available.



  1. Represents the BHAA at formal presentations, functions and funerals.
  2. President Presides over the election of the incoming Committee at the AGM.


  1. Chairs Executive Committee Meetings, enlists the opinions of all Committee members to forge a consensus.

Vice Chairperson

  1. Contacts race organizers to agree race calendar.
  2. Chairs race organizer’s meetings.
  3. Attends AAI meetings as the BHAA representative.
  4. Maintains the race planner template and ensures race organisers apply it.


  1. Looks after the financial affairs of the BHAA to ensure all monies are lodged to the bank account, pays bills and expenses as they fall due.
  2. Prepares quarterly reports on income and expenditure to the Executive Committee and an Annual Report for the AGM
  3. Prepares Income and Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet for Auditors
  4. Organises insurance certificates as required by race organizers and maintain contact with insurers to keep them advised of any changes in BHAA requirements.
  5. Provides invoices to companies for team members membership/special events fees.


  1. Takes minutes at Executive Committee Meetings, Race Promoter Meetings and AGM and circulates via email
  2. Advises committee members of forthcoming meetings and books meeting rooms
  3. Engages in any special correspondence


  1. Promotes BHAA, its calendar & its activities. Arranges content for the BHAA website with race announcements & special BHAA events.
  2. Plan promotional material such as poster and course maps
  3. Sends BHAA material & results to AERTEL, national & local newspapers & running magazines.
  4. Maintains the email newsletter and list via MailChimp
  5. Handles race text message system
  6. Handes social media channels, facebook / twitter
  7. Responds to web threads and emails to info@bhaa.ie
  8. Presents Annual report to the AGM
  9. Arranges race day photographers and video recorders

Quarter Master

  1. Looks after equipment and jeep (signage/finish posts, tape, video camera, speakers, scanner, tape, mats)
  2. Looks after timing equipment
  3. Looks after race clocks and PA
  4. Liase with race organiser to ensure they collect and return the BHAA van.


  1. Records membership applications for existing and new members
  2. Registrar Maintains company/sector teams
  3. Registrar Compiles membership breakdown for AGM


  1. Updates the website with links, events and results
  2. Trains/guides the PRO, Registrar and Race organisers on how they can update the wordpress based website
  3. Maintains summer/winter individual and team leagues
  4. Maintains members grading standards
  5. Train people on the raceday computer setup and use of the RaceTec timing software

BHAA Auditors

  1. Audit BHAA accounts on an annual basis

Committee and Non-Committee Roles

For people who want to contribute to the BHAA at specific events or who might have free time during the week there are a number of support roles that you can help us with.

For each race there are a number of phases in the lead up, during and after the race at which specific jobs must be completed.

2/3 Months Before Event

  1. Vice-Chair: Meet the race organizer and ensure the template and the required jobs have people assigned to them
  2. PRO – Get race promotional information for the website, ie poster, course map etc

Race Day and Registration

  1. IT – get raceday registration system setup.
  2. Registrar – Ensure blank paperwork is available. Details of pre-registered runners
  3. PRO – Have people for the meet and greet desk
  4. Treasuer – Arrange money float for each desk

Post Race Results

  1. Registrar – Ensure all paperwork is returned
  2. PRO – Gather back photo’s and video’s
  3. Treasuer – Ensure correct money is split between RO and BHAA
  4. IT – Get individual and team results printed for presentation and uploaded to website.

Week After The Race

  1. Registrar – Process paperwork to ensure new members are correctly assigned
  2. PRO – Publish race organiser report on the race, arrange for photo’s be uploaded
  3. IT – Once all new members have been entered assign the standard and league points.